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I really need the money for something I have to do irl to be genuinely happy.
And those of you who know me, know what that is.
On another note, I will draw your OC's, or your Avatars. 

-With oc's I won't do furries, or some oc's from a specific fandom. (Just ask about it)
-Clutter costs more

-I draw females and males
-I don't do backgrounds / I can do transparent

My goal is $25,000 USD, so I have a long way to go.

Full coloured full bodies are $15 USD (Flat colour $10 USD) (Black and white $7 USD)
-Any head accessory is +$1 (That doesn't include piercings, or ponytails/hair ties)

Paz - Ref Sheet by Darth-CrumbJace - Ref Sheet by Darth-Crumb

If you want a specific look on the characters face, or a specific pose let me know, or they will just be standing like the ref.
-Also if the ref is hard to see, please describe them the best to your ability.
I really need the money for something I have to do irl to be genuinely happy.
And those of you who know me, know what that is.
On another note, I will draw your OC's, or your Avatars. 

-With oc's I won't do furries, or some oc's from a specific fandom.
-Clutter costs more

-I draw females and males
-I don't do backgrounds

My goal is $25,000 USD, so I have a long way to go.

Full coloured busts are $10 USD (Flat colour $7 USD) (No colour $5 USD)
-Any head accessory is +$2 (That doesn't include piercings, or ponytails/hair ties)
Zoella by Darth-CrumbTroye Sivan by Darth-Crumb

Miranda And Colleen by Darth-Crumb

If you want a specific look on the characters face, or to be outlined in a specific colour please let me know.
-Also if the ref is hard to see, please describe them the best to your ability.
I'm trying to get around, so to speak, so if you want to follow me here you go!

Tumblr - SirLeafie
Twitter - Lee Cooper @SirLeafie 
Instagram - Itsjustacrumbro

Follow for Follow, so tell me if you want me to follow you back!

Please and thank you :>
So I've kinda been wanting to make a contest, and since it's summer, what better to do than make a summer contest? - u -

-Rules are-

Draw my OC(s) and your OC(s) together in a Summer kinda way. (If you don't have any OC's or just want to draw only mine that's fine) They could be drinkin beer out by the lake, fishing, swimming, chillin in the sun, eating ice cream. They could even be doing some naughty things. (But make sure you can tell they were just out enjoying summer)
Yaoi is allowed, yuri is allowed, Hentai is allowed. Nudity is also allowed, mild or explicit. As long as they follow the right sexualities listed below. No drawing Vincent suckin a dude or anything. >> Also don't draw Bliss kissing anyone else, she's taken.

There's pretty much nothing you can't do, as long as you stay in the Summer theme. 
-Deadline is September 30th (Even though Summer will pretty much be over)

You can post as many entries as you want, but only one can win.

My OC's you can draw

In order -
Bliss, Dani, Vincent, Silvie, Kaden, Asher, Saphire, Scarlette…
The Bio's are there

 Bliss - NEW OC - Ref sheet ADDED BACKSTORY by Darth-Crumb Bliss - Full Body by Darth-CrumbBliss Half Body by Darth-CrumbReq: Dani by Hibiki9Dani- Apocolypse Ready by natt00mknrVincent by SakuraAyameArt Trade [with Darth-Crumb] by khei-kunVincent by DashingFlowSilvie - Ref Sheet by Darth-CrumbSilvie Headshot by Darth-CrumbSilvie by Darth-CrumbAT: Darth-Crumb by MeetingGeminiKaden by Darth-CrumbKaden- Art Trade by RischensSo much sass by RellosaurAsher by Melisistem-MsistArt Trade: Asher by Reiirin(Request) Saphire by HopeloSaphire /halloween contest/ by mio-san13Scarlette - New OC - Ref Sheet by Darth-CrumbScarlette Headshot by Darth-Crumb

Bliss is an air-head, and she's very innocent. She loves to play board games, and loves to eat everything, but stays thin.
She loves comfy clothes, hates super skin tight clothes, but if she had to wear them she would. (She's curious)

Dani likes to show off her legs, model, dance. She has her tongue and naval pierced, and she likes to dress up in cute things.
She's real nice, and girly. (She's bisexual)

Vincent is pretty laid back, likes pocky, likes messing with girls (like poking, or laying on)
A real sly guy. He has snake bite piercings, an eyebrow piercing, gauges, and a tongue piercing. (He's straight)

Silvie likes Pocky, getting piggy-back rides, and tall men. She's very flirtatious with men and women, mostly men. 
She's a rocker, and makes friends easily, she doesn't talk much until she knows you well enough. (She's Bisexual)

Saphire is a really hyperactive, small butterball.
She loves play, and jump on things, and scream. If you draw her don't forget her freckles and lip piercing.
(I forget sometimes too, but please try to remember ; v;/) (She's pansexual)

Asher is albino.
He's really low key, doesn't share much about himself. For piercings he's got hips, collar bones, optional snake bites, naval.
He loves music, and striking random poses. His socks are his babies. (He's gay)

Kaden loves crossdressing, and smoking weed.
He has gauges, two ear cartilage piercings on the same ear. Snake bites, double tongue piercing (tip and normal, for more info check out his ref sheet) Nostril and optional septum. Nipple piercings and naval. (He has no sexual orientation, he loves everyone)

Scarlette is very bitchy, but protects Bliss at all costs. She is very playful with girls and guys, and likes to flirt but can come off as a bit strong. She has a labret piercing (lower lip), septum (horseshoe thing in her nose), an eyebrow piercing, nipple piercings, two ear cartilage piercings on both ears, and gauges on both ears. Also a tongue ring. (Shes a lesbian)

Ages and Heights -

Kaden - 19 / 6'5
Asher - 18 / 6'1
Dani - 19 / 5'11
Vincent - 19 / 5'8
Scarlette - 23 / 5'8
Bliss - 18 / 5'5
Silvie - 19 / 5'2
Saphire - 16 / 3'11


1st Place - 100:points: and a Full body full colour drawing by me. A fully body full colour, and a chibi from :iconxxpainteddreamxx:. Full body chibi from :iconnarutokunoichi1010:A rainbow sketch like from :iconmallerytheadventurer:. 2 chibi's, a half body and a full body from :iconca-pe:.

2nd Place - 50:points: and a Half body/Bust drawing from me. A chibi, and a rainbow sketch ( from iconxxpainteddreamxx:. A rainbow sketch like from :iconmallerytheadventurer:. A chibi and a half body from :iconca-pe:.

3rd Place - A headshot from me. A waist up from iconxxpainteddreamxx:. A coloured sketch and a llama from :iconnarutokunoichi1010:. A rainbow sketch like from :iconmallerytheadventurer:. A chibi from :iconca-pe:.

-- If you want to donate prizes Note me, and Ill ad it in here!
You MAY still participate if you donate! Thank you. <3

There will be a contest entry folder, I will post it when there are entries!
EVERYONE CAN JOIN, comment your entry below and itll be added to the entry folder!

Entries Folder -…

Contestants - 

:iconmallerytheadventurer: :iconmio-san13: :iconomeganigma:  :iconblackrainboww0224: :iconmonstercat12355: :iconmicolectatheumbreon: :iconsweetlyviolent: :icondum-pling: :icontehhhbluepandaa: :iconezariaumiko: :iconnatt00mknr: :iconask-lilyandroy: :iconjashinisagod: :iconmishaila: :iconnarufro93: :iconbukichan: :iconsparky-the-scraggy: :iconcittycatcutie: :iconunknownshadow4ever: :iconhalloween-ink:

So as some of you may know I'm transgender FTM. I am needing $25,000 USD for this transition. I was wondering how much you guys would be able to help me with it. 
If you would like to donate for this, send to my paypal account at
Or you can go here, and it would also help a lot.
Any amount at all would help me greatly. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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Darth-Crumb has started a donation pool!
1,639 / 8,000
You can donate your lovely points to me here, or

pay for commissions using the commission widgets up there! :>

You can also just send the points if you really want to. -v-/

Either way, donate to help me make better contests, and make my groups better!

Please, and thank you! :'D

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I love drawing, and singing, and I can never pick a favourite band/song! C:
My favourite foods are tomatoes, red grapes, and spare ribs! ;D
My favourite anime is Naruto Shippuden~ ^-^ i'm cought up on the manga and urthing.~
My favourite characters are Sasuke Uchiha, Madara Uchiha, Neji Hyuuga, Hidan, Kakuzu, and Sasori Akasuna! <3
I don't believe true love actually exists, and I believe love can make a person weak, if you let it.
I'm a hyper calm, if you get what that means then highfive.~ cx
I'm also a fat skinny person, highfive if you get that as well. . 3 .
My favourite things to draw are eyes, hair, and women's breasts. ^-^
Hope you liked that 'intro' to me. O;

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